Saturday, June 12, 2010

day four.

Why is it, that when you swear you'll never forgive a person for what they did to you; You do? I'll sit there, crying to no end, and then the next day, it's like nothing ever happened. I guess things don't really have much of a good explanation, they just kind of, "happen". But for the situation that I'm in, I think there is an explanation. Lets just say that she finally realized how much pain she was putting me through, and that it's not a good feeling to be left behind in the dust. We have gone through too much together to throw it all away. So right when our friendship was hanging by one tiny, little strand; she broke out the glue and saved it from splitting entirely. Apologies are hard, I can tell you that. But in the end, they don't turn out to be regrets. I love you.

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